I turned on the television today and saw my first Christmas-themed commercial.  No surprise, right?  But it got me thinking that maybe it’s time to start my Christmas shopping… get ahead of it this time, ya know?

Of course, no Christmas is complete without a gift for our furry friends, so I started by searching online for our dog, Scout.  I knew that pet beds are a bit passé as pet gifts but I had no idea just how out of fashion they’ve become.  Go out to frontgate, for instance, and you’ll see why there’s no way in the world that today’s fashion-forward canine is going to be happy with a pet bed as a gift!

Here’s a good place to start for today’s dog: The jeweled dog collar.  “Accessorize your posh pooch with this Art Deco Jeweled Dog Collar, handcrafted with Italian full-grain leather and embedded with Swarovski® crystals,” says frontgate.  Price tag?  A very reasonable $39.  As the weather begins to cool and your pet’s own fur is not enough to keep him warm (is this really a problem?  His own fur isn’t enough??), you might consider the “Faux Fur Pet Jacket.”  Is it just me or is there something disturbing, faux or not, about a dog wearing a fur jacket?  “Keep your beloved comfortable and in vogue.”  It evens comes with a “jeweled button closure for quick wardrobe changes”!

The Faux Fur Jacket would run me $150, but I still felt like I hadn’t spent quite enough on ol’ Scout.  In search of a gift a bit more indulgent, my surfing took me to this: the Luxury Pet 62655_mainResidence with FREE crate pad!  It’s the “ultimate comfort for your pet and doubles as an attractive piece of furniture. Animal instinct calls for a den-like space, and this upscale pet crate provides just that.”  Okay, I get that, but must that den-like space be made of the finest mahogany and equipped with roller shades and ergonomic orthopedic foam pet bed?  To the tune of $599?  I guess it must.

So, lesson learned?  Get out early and start your Christmas shopping now.  There are some real deals to be had; especially for the “well-heeled” (pun intended) pooch!