We are proud to have Fear Free Certified Professionals on our team.

Compassionate Care Animal Clinic has always worked hard to provide the best care for your pets. Now, we know that there are ways to make your pet’s healthcare even better. We’re proud that our team members are evolving with veterinary medicine and are committed to looking after both your pet’s physical and emotional well-being.

How Fear Free is Changing Veterinary Visits

For many pets and their owners, going to the veterinarian can cause feelings of fear, anxiety, and stress. Stressful veterinary visits are problematic for pets, pet owners, and veterinary healthcare team members. That’s why Dr. Marty Becker, “America’s Veterinarian,” founded a certification program – called Fear Free – that helps veterinary healthcare professionals learn how to make visits to the vet something pets and their owners can both look forward to.

5 Ways You Can Make the Veterinary Visit Fear Free

Prep your pet

Positively accustom the pet to her carrier or restraint device and condition happy experiences in the vehicle.

Limit food before the appointment unless medically contraindicated

Bringing pets in hungry increases the reward value of food during the visit to better condition the pet to the positives of care.

Explore waiting room alternatives

Work with the receptionist or other team members to determine the optimal location to wait with your pet prior to care.

Be open to non-traditional techniques

This can include not taking the pet’s temperature, examining the pet in your lap or on the floor and using treat and toy coaxers to move animals willingly onto the scale, into the exam room and onto the table.

Consider proven, new strategies to reduce fear, anxiety, and stress in your pet

In many cases, pets will benefit tremendously from pre-visit medications, supplements or sedatives, as well as conditioning the pet to aspects of vet care prior to their next visit.