If your dog could talk (and wouldn’t that be an eye-opening experience?!), he or she would probably be saying, “let’s go outside!”  After all, the weather we’re enjoying right now here in Florida is the kind of weather that brings people to the Sunshine State.  And with any luck, the nice weather will continue on for a least a couple more months!

But don’t count on it!

We all know that Florida weather here can change quicker than you can say “Sable Palm,” so get out there now and enjoy it while you can.  Of course, this is the best time of year for pets, too.  It’s comfortable outside and with temperatures in the mid 80’s, there’s no worrying about your pet overheating when you take him or her out for some vigorous exercise.  Those outdoor pests such as fleas and ticks seem to be some sort of vacation, which is nice.  And, dogs love the beach! (Just make sure it’s a dog-friendly beach or you may end up paying a hefty fine)

This is an especially good time to take part in some festival-type events, where your furry friend can meet others like himself and practice being a good dog when outside with others.  Remember, socialization is important… yes, for you, but for your dog, too!  Now is a good time, too, to pay a visit to your Boca Raton area veterinarian to make sure that Fido is fit for the Great Outdoors… you know, shots and stuff.

This is that festival time of year, and there are numerous online resources you can consult for details on events in the South Florida area.  One such resource that seems particularly useful is www.bringfido.com.   The site offers info on dog-friendly events across the state, as well as information on travelling with a pet, such as pet friendly accommodations.  For example, here’s an event that’s coming to our area in March – the South Florida Amazing Pet Expo – at the South Florida Expo Center.  According to the site, “the South Florida Amazing Pet Expo is the ultimate pet event! Check out Tons of Pet-Friendly Exhibitors and Rescue Groups, see live demonstrations in Obedience Training, Pet Care & Activism, great giveaways and prizes, amazing discounts on your favorite pet products, talent and costume contests, fabulous retailers and much more fun for the whole family! Plus, shopping, adoptions, free nail trims, discounted vaccinations, agility and more. Admission is FREE! Bring your pet, of course!”

So, grab your best pet friend and head outdoors today!  There are a number of fun activities for you to share and the weather couldn’t be any better for it.