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Tub Time, How to Wash Your Puppy!

There’s no better time to get your dog used to bathing than when he or she is a puppy. However, if you’re not experienced at tackling this puppy tub time, it can seem stressful and messy. You want to make sure you do it right so that the experience is a positive one for your new pet. Compassionate Care Animal Clinic's guide to "Tub Time, How to Wash Your Puppy!" will give you the steps for fun puppy tub time! [title size="2"]Compassionate Care Animal Clinic[/title] First you should consult with your Boca Raton vet before you bathe your pup for the first time. You want to make sure that he or she is healthy enough, and that you’re using the right products to ensure a safe and positive experience. Once you’ve got the go-ahead, you can begin by getting your new dog used to the bathing area. Place your puppy in the tub and offer a treat. Wipe your puppy with a wet towel and offer another treat. Finally, pour some warm water from a pre-filled container over your puppy. Do this repeatedly until your dog begins to feel comfortable. Then you should be able to start a real bath. Plan out your puppy's tub time! You’ll want to have the following items ready before you start the bath process: ◾Shampoo (approved by your Boca Raton vet first) ◾Towels (the bigger the dog, the more you’ll need) ◾Slip Leash ◾Non-Slip Bathing Surface (try a rubber mat if you’re bathing in the tub) ◾Soft Brush (ask your Boca Raton vet to recommend one) Brush your dog’s fur thoroughly to remove any knots or matting. Place your puppy in the tub and run warm water. Using a [...]

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