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How well do you know your cat?

Cats are one of the most well-known pets’ in the world. To be exact there are over 500 million cats in the world, and 30-37% of all American homes own a cat. So, how well do you know your cat? Did you know that cats have a special connection between their owners. Research has shown that cats practically don’t meow to any other species than humans, not even to their own kind. Not only that, but cats have a range of 100 different sounds (such as meow, Nya, and agoo) they also come from range of 20-140 hurts’.

Interesting Facts About Cats

* Have you ever wondered why cats always land on their feet? That’s because their collarbone doesn’t connect, and they have mad reflexes. When a cat falls it goes through a motion of twitching in the muscles along the back, moving the body to where its feet is pointing down.
* Cats have 32 muscles in their ear alone, plus the fine hairs on the ends of their ears expand their hearing.
* Cats can also rotate their ears 1080 degrees
* If you put cat pee under a black light it will glow in the dark.
* Cats don’t have sweat glans on their bodes so they sweat through their paws
* No two cats have the same nose prints just like humans finger prints, all one of a kind.

Interesting Facts About Cats when Pregnant!

* Mother cats are a mighty bunch they can have up to 100 liters of kittens
* An individual liter can have multiple fathers.
* Mother cats will eat the placenta and skin pouch that protected the kittens during pregnancy.
* In a year a cat couple and its off spring can produce up to 420,000 kittens!

More Fun Facts!

* Cats can’t taste sweetness
* The biggest cat is the artic tiger
* Cats have tinny barbs on their tong their for having a few taste buds
* A group of cats is called a chowder
* Lilies are toxic to cats
* A female cat is called a queen or molly

Get to know your cat!

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